Scalp Detangling Massage Comb Hairbrush

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Do you have frizzy hair? No matter what type of your hair, the matter is which type of hair you want...

Our Scalp Detangling Massage Comb Hairbrush is excellent for detangling, styling, blow drying, brushing, and scalp massage😍

          Why it is good for you?

                                                 Light and comfortable:                                             Made of a high-quality material, ultra-lightweight, perfectly shaped paddle brush, the rubber nail handle won't slip out of your hand when wet.

                                                         Design:                                                                Curved shape design allowing ideal points and angles to the scalp, round ball tips for comfortable styling.

                                                 Less time Consuming:                                                        A large vented hair brush, allows more heat to flow into the Hair shaft, reducing drying time.

                                                              Versatile:                                                                      This hairbrush is suitable to use for both straight hair and wavy hair. Also suitable for both Men & Women.

      Available in two different styles:

Style A 

Material: Resin 
Size: 25x7.5x5cm approx.
Weight: 90g

Style B

Material: ABS
Size(LxW): 25x7cm approx.

No need to overthink it—this brush does just as its name promises: teasing the tangles right out of your wet (or dry) hair🤩

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