Energy Lava Bracelet


 When masculinity, beauty and positive energies meet!

Wear this bracelet as a reminder of positive thoughts, purifying energies and beauty.

The Lava Stone
Energy Lava Bracelet is Made of lava stones, which are known to disperse unnecessary negative energies and send them to the ground.

Lava stone known throughout history as a stone of calmness and healing.

You will feel the difference in a few moments of wearing.

The bracelet will make you calm and add positive energy to the room.

Made of Lava stones, Natural Volcano, beauty stones and more.
Each bead is 88mm.
19cm Bracelet. (Flexibale)
Comes in one size. 

Suitable for combining with any additional bracelet or watch.

Customer Reviews

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Novella Bailey

The bracelet is heavy, not plastic, it looks great, for how many delivered to St. Petersburg did not monitor, but not for a long time.

Janelle Pagac

Energy Lava Bracelet

Mandy Bayer

Conform to the order

Ike Jakubowski

Fast Delivery top

Althea Harvey

Fast Delivery top


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