JanneCuban Link Necklace/Bracelet

Gem Color

"Janne" Cuban Link Necklace ,Trendy and fashionable gold link necklace in medium length.

The necklace expresses the way in which each of us is part of a human-feminine chain, connecting women and stories and intertwining them with each other,

in order to allow each of us to express who she is and tell her personal story.

The collection is designed to allow you to play with a variety of necklaces and bracelets in different designs and lengths and combine them each time,

to create your own unique layered look, which will express who you are and give a personal fashion interpretation

to your unique style.Metal: Titanium 18K gold plated.

Chain length: 39 cm

Bracelet length: 19 cm
Width: 1.2cm


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